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This laboratory manual is on Cyber Security with the code SCSA 2205 Cybersecurity Lab as per the university syllabus of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology for the BE CSE students with specialization in Cyber Security.

This manual delves into the realm of cyber security with our comprehensive guide, offering a detailed exploration of network reconnaissance tools, such as Wireshark packet sniffer, to capture and analyze data packets for a thorough understanding of network activity. Uncover the intricacies of Windows Firewall security and master the art of configuring robust security measures for web browsers. Learn the essentials of hardening Windows operating systems and gain insights into Group Policy in Windows 7 for effective system management. Explore the fascinating world of cryptography as you work with substitution ciphers, exclusive or (XOR) ciphers, Vernam ciphers, and encryption/decryption techniques using Rail Fence and Row & Column transformations. Additionally, understand the workings of the SHA-1 algorithm for secure data hashing. This book provides hands-on experience in encryption and decryption methods, empowering readers with practical knowledge to navigate the dynamic landscape of cyber security.

To download the manual, kindly submit a request via email or message to +91 70100 65242 at

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